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Every player must read and abide by the laws

If you log in to the server and create an account, you have agreed to the rules

1- It is forbidden to talk about problems in the public chat... Please open a tiktok and talk to the administration

2- It is forbidden to defraud the administration or underestimate their minds (severe punishment).

3- It is forbidden to insult and insult, and it is allowed to insult (noob - daws - with your trampling - with your beard - etc., etc.)

4- It is forbidden to insult each other between the players (if the player was insulted and responded, the same legal action will be taken for both parties without prejudice to those who insulted first)

5- Bullying of all kinds is prohibited (this includes denying the gender of any player, whether boy or girl).

6- Spam chat is prohibited

7- It is forbidden to modernize religion by means of takfir or politics

8- It is forbidden to create a character, battalion, or facility with an inappropriate name, or to provoke another player in an insulting way

9- It is forbidden to accuse a player or the administration of support or bias without evidence

10- It is forbidden to mention the name of an open server or to open it in the future (it is allowed to talk about the memories of a server that was closed a while ago and will not return to work)

11- It is forbidden to use loopholes without reporting them, which causes the final ban

12- It is forbidden to insult any administrator in any way (it is allowed to attack an official player without mentioning the administration in the insult)

13- It is forbidden to hold competitions between players for store points

14- It is forbidden to assume an administrative role

15- It is forbidden to put invitation links to another server or add videos related to another server

16- Pictures, videos and immoral messages are prohibited

17- In the event that your request to modify a specialization, skill, or something in the server was attached to the request with a threat to retire, the complaint will be closed immediately without discussing it.

18- It is prohibited to impersonate a player or imitate his name with the aim of defaming or belittling his reputation

19- It is forbidden to sabotage battalions and players during the siege of the castle

20- It is forbidden to have an administrator from another server with the image of a player here

21- It is prohibited to join or change the name of your Discord account to be hidden or unclear, or to manipulate it for the sake of invisibility

22- Admins have the right to enter all accounts for checking and monitoring at any time

23- It is forbidden to sabotage the administrator while performing his work, and the administrator has the right to prevent a player from participating in the event of sabotage.

24- It is forbidden to create a new account or a new personality with the aim of insulting and cursing, and all player accounts will be permanently banned

25- It is forbidden to trade abroad for a fee or exchange for another server (accounts will be closed in the event of confirmation of trading or just trying)